The Wilderness Technology Alliance (WTA) partners with schools and community based organizations to implement technology training and work-based learning programs where youth gain skills in the classroom and experience by providing valuable technology products and services to their school or local community. Most programs are run as “WildTech” student enterprises that generate revenue to self-sustain and grow.


Project Abstract
1. Support disadvantaged and unemployed individuals needing technology access, training and work experience to gain employment. We do this through our refurbishing center in Silver Spring, MD. The WTA trains volunteers then applies their skills to computer processing, cleaning, repairing, and provisioning to needy individuals, as well as to schools and the homeless in the programs below. 2. Support low-resource students and schools in technology workforce development. The WTA provides free and low cost laptop computers to students, free and low cost technology to schools, teacher training in education technology and project-based learning, a fair-trade work-based learning program that connects USA classrooms to Maasai bead makers in Kenya, and establishing WildTech school-based student-run companies
Target Population
Low income individuals and students – 300 served with computers, 100 trained in basic skills, 12 trained in advanced A+ training Unemployed – 20 volunteers trained in our refurbishing center 10 non-profit organizations served with refurbished computers
Contact Information & Map
Wilderness Technology Alliance
Attn: Lou August
13605 Mills Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20904
United States

Phone: (202) 853-7617

Equipment Needed
PC Desktop System
PC Laptop System
PC CPU (Partial System)
Digital Camera
Hard Disk Drive
Switch or Router